Good morning dear Parishioners

Hope we are doing well and enjoying the warm weather!

Subsequent the recent announcement of Orange phase reopening by GNB, we could now have indoor religious activity of maximum of 50 persons. Following other Public health guidelines and safety measures.

I’m excited at this moment that I’ll be able to reunite with my flock physically present in the church to pray and worship as a Family and community of faith. For the past months, the doors to our churches were shut due to the global pandemic. And it’s with joy in my heart and smiles on my lips that I look forwarding to welcoming us back to our weekday and weekend Mass schedules.

Please, we are now left with a ‘new normal’. So, we advice that you try to follow every needed directions and Protocols. We have a protocol officer in each of our church locations, who will work with our church leaders/ushers to ensure that we follow the guidelines. Feel free to ask questions.

The use of Mask on entering the church is advised and when 6ft is not possible to maintain. When you take your sitting position in the church, 6ft apart, we discourage the mask on. Please, ensure you pay attention to the marked area in the church.

I thank God who has brought us to this point. Thank you all for your continual support, patience and faith during this unprecedented period.

May God take care of all our remaining fears and worries; and Our Blessed Mother of Mercy intercede for us- Amen.

See you one, see you all!

Your servant

Fr. Anthony