(Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 96; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11; John 2:1-11).

Today 20th Jan., the 2nd Sunday in ordinary time, year C. The Church calls on us to make it a point of duty to keep inviting Jesus into our daily affairs of living. The first reading and gospel use the picture of a wedding feast to depict the valuable presence of the divine. God sees us as his bride and as such, we are already into a covenantal relationship with him.

St. Paul in the second reading makes the case that we must use all spiritual gifts to the glory of God and service to humanity.

Brethren, inviting God to our lives simply puts us in the context of winning even in the face of tribulations as was seen clearly in the gospel today. The presence of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary made a difference. She simply said: “they have no wine” and again, “do whatever he tells you”. Those were words of faith from an advocate to her Son who has the powers to effect a positive change. With God, we are called to the eternal banquet, do we consent or rescind? Do we invite God to our families and daily lives? Even when not invited, God still cares about us, how much more will he aid our course when he is fully present.

As Jesus filled the empty jars with new wine out of water, so he fills our hearts with love for this is the new wine he wants us to give to others. Mary today stands as a strong voice calling on Christians to heed to the voice and message of Jesus, she says “do whatever he tells you”. She remains an indispensable channel of grace to us.
May we continue to imitate her faith and live in unity. Please stay warm and safe!
• Happy Sunday.