Thank You for Your Generosity:

Feb 17thSt. JosephCollection$640Bingo$
St. John the Evan.Collection$1751Candles$10
St. LeoCollection$875Blding Fund$235
St. AnthonyCollection$95

Parish Announcements & Activities

  • 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day Social will take place at St. John The Evangelist Church following the 11 am Mass. All welcome to come celebrate the Irish. More details to follow.
  • SUNDAY: St. Joseph’s Card Parties each Sunday at 2 pm in St. Joseph’s Hall.
  • TUESDAY: St. John The Evangelist Card Parties each Tuesday @ 7 PM
  • THURSDAY: St. Joseph’s Prayer Group meets each Thursday at 2pm.
  • FRIDAY: BINGO Friday night at St. Joseph’s Church in Bath @ 7:00 PM

Community Events

Each Saturday – Juniper Community Centre will be opening for Breakfast Saturdays starting Jan 25th from 8 am – 11 am.

2nd March – The Good Ole Boys and Girls Dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall from 7 – 11 pm. Cost $8/person.

Parish Notices

CALL FOR FLOWERS: Anyone with flowering or non-flowering houseplants that they would be willing to loan to St Joseph’s until Ash Wednesday or non-flowering cactus plants for the season of Lent can fill out their name & number at the back of St Joseph’s or call 391-5918. Thank you.

FOOD SUNDAY (formerly Food for the Needy): We will again be collecting non-perishable food items at the beginning of Parish Mass at St Joseph’s on Sunday March 3, 10:00 a.m. Thank you.

PARISH BREAKFAST: Parish Mass on March 3 at St Joseph’s will be followed by a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast & beans. Donations will be used for the parish website. All welcome!

COLLECTION OF PALMS: We will be collecting last year’s palms in order to make ashes for Ash Wednesday on March 6. These can be left at the back of each church. Thank you.

Please Remember

Please Remember those who have died in the Peace of Christ: Daryl Seely

Remember those who have asked for our Prayers:
Kelly Adams, Julie Bradstreet, Tom Pelkey, Amy Montgomery, Marilyn Lucas, Claude Porter, Alban & Catherine Godreau, Robert Bradstreet, Valarie White, Austin Sweet, Kim Kinney Denny, Earl Swim, Earl Foster, Anitha Kattari, Mr & Mrs. Richard Schipper, Charlie Fisher, Lef Sewchuk, John Lee, Sandra Hilier, Mary Doherty Brown, Carol Buchanan, Helga Usat, Jenna McAuley, Rose Carr, Louis Quigley, Larry Sullivan(Killoween), Jared Boyd, Bruce Hoyt , Romeo Gagnon, Fernand Lavoie, Carol Smith, Special Intentions
*Please contact the office if you wish to have a name added or taken off the prayer list. Thank you.

February 2019 Memorial Mass: Ethan Brake, Viloet & Emery Dixon, Sharon Kinney, Andrea & Maureen Brennan (Nova Scotia), Brian Giberson, Mary Gallagher, Seagan & OJ Brown, Blanid & John Brennan, Rebecca Schofield, Fr. Patrick McDonough, Patricia & Cecil Gormley, Daniel & Mabel & Matthew McSheffery, Martin, Eric & Harold Kilfoil, and Joseph McSheffery

CWL Membership Month

This is membership month for the Catholic Women’s League of Canada. Have you thought of becoming a member? Not sure you’ve got enough time for another commitment? These 4 definitions of membership might just help you decide to join. You can be:

  • A FULLY ACTIVE MEMBER – Pay your membership fee of $20 and take part in all or most activities.
  • A PARTIALLY ACTIVE MEMBER – Pay your membership fee and take part in specific activities when you have time.
  • A SUPPORTIVE MEMBER – Pay your membership fee but cannot take part in activities but wish to be supportive.
  • A PRAYER PARTNER – Pay your membership fee and take part by praying for members and others.

Included in your membership fee is a national magazine received quarterly. Keeps you up to date on all aspects of the CWL. Need more information or would like to renew or join? Please contact Pat Ingraham for St. Joseph’s CWL Council, Trudi Rogers for St. Leo’s CWL Council and Alma Kilfoil for St. John the Evangelist CWL Council or drop your membership fee in the collection. Your support locally and of our national organization are much appreciated as we continue our service for God and Canada.