THEME: I WILL OFFER YOU A SACRIFICE, OH LORD. (Gen. 15:5-12; Phil. 3:17-4:1; Lk. 9:28-36)

Friends in Christ, as we continue our annual Lenten Observances of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving plus following the Lord in the Way of the Cross, the Second Sunday of Lent challenges our faith commitment while urging us to selfless sacrifice. By faith Abraham obeyed and listened to God; he willingly accepted to offer a sacrifice pleasing to God.

However, the question today is how many contemporary Christians are ready to make sacrifices? To listen and obey the voice the voice of God and offer their values, their time, treasure, talent and even their lives like Abraham and God. There is much hatred, violence and selfish desires in our world today. Our world is in need of more selfless Christians, to make more impact in the society through our sincere sense of sacrifice. God invites us to make a little sacrifice as Abraham was told. The sacrifices we make do not increase the majesty of God and they add nothing to his greatness. The sacrifices are for our good and that of the entire human race. That is the sacrifice Jesus invites us to make today. Remember, our citizenship is of heaven and not of this world.

The Gospel reading for the second Sunday of lent is always one of the accounts of the Transfiguration of Jesus, which is said to have taken place on mount Tabor. Jesus revealed a little of his glory to some of his disciples. Peter, speaking on behalf of the others, wanted the experience to be permanent one; because the experience was wonderful, marvellous and extraordinary.

We also, like Peter, wish every good thing we encounter to be permanent. There are times we have what I call Tabor experience here on earth. We encounter success, economic breakthrough, blissful marriage, stable job, good health, company of good friends, etc. We welcome such with joy and gratitude and wish to make such Tabor experience permanent. Unfortunately, no earthly condition is permanent. The permanent condition we look forward to is heaven, where we shall forever behold the glory of God and of his Christ.

This is a time to listen to Jesus so that he can teach us the way to have a permanent experience of the presence of God. If you are in a dream and you achieve your desire, you don’t remain in the dream. You wake up and work for it. If you dream of heaven, work for it by living a life of holiness and sacrifice.

A man one day saw a poor and wretched boy hungrily looking at a piece of cake displayed in the glass window case. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a five-dollar bill, handed it over to the little boy, and told him to go and buy some for himself. The boy looked at him steadily and asked: SIR, IS YOUR NAME GOD?
‘To someone with an empty stomach, food is God’ (Mahatma Gandhi)
HAPPY SUNDAY! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!