28th Mar. Thursday 6:30 PM St. Anthony Memorial Mass

30th Mar. Saturday 5:00 PM St. Joseph Francena Dugan

31st Mar. Sunday 9:00 AM St. Leo Jimmer & Robert Thompson

11:00 AM St. John Evang. Anne Kilfoil

6:00 PM St. Joseph Divine Mercy and


1st April Monday 10:00 AM St. John Evang. Joseph Travis

2nd April Tuesday 10:30 AM River View Manor Arnold, Stephen and

Pauline Boyd

1:30 PM St. John Evang. Adult Faith Study

3rd April Wednesday 10:00 AM St. Joseph Winnifred & Thomas

Bohan & DFM

followed by Way of the Cross

5th April Friday 9:30 AM St. Leo Adoration & Rosary

10:00 AM St. Leo Helga Uzat

6th April Saturday 10:00 AM St. John Evang CWL Marion Mass

7th April Sunday 10:00 AM St. John Evang. Emery, John & Joe Cullen

followed by a Pot Luck Luncheon

12:30 PM St. Anothny For Parishioners