(Isaiah. 66:10-14; Galatians. 6:14-18; Luke. 10:1-9)

Jesus appointed 72 people to go ahead of him to every town and place he plans to visit, proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Seventy two is an indication of general involvement in mission. We are all involved. He sends them in pairs. By sending them in pairs, Jesus reminds us (his disciples) of the importance of unity in mission. This unity fosters not only the success of mission, but also, the heavenly reward. The disciples obeyed Jesus and went on the mission. When they returned from their journeys, they were rejoicing because their mission had been successful.

Christ also instructed us (his disciples) while sending us on mission, “Whatever house you go into,” “let your first words be, Peace be to this house!” (Lk. 10:5). What a precious gift of God to humankind is this peace! It is the will of God for us that in the world’s most crowded stress, in the din of life, even when the rush and hurry are at their most intense, we should enjoy the peace of Christ in the depth of our heart.

What is this peace of Christ? Peace is a climate in which every person or every group of persons can live the fullness of life that God intended for us when he created us. How does one appropriate to himself or herself this peace? It is by “becoming a new creature” (Gal. 6:15), by dying to oneself, especially to some of the worst enemies of peace that inhabit and exploit our human nature. These enemies are: ambition, envy, avarice, anger and pride. If these enemies are denied entrance into our lives, we should enjoy the perpetual peace of Christ.

The peace of Christ begins in one’s heart, but it is meant to flow into the hearts of others, so that the personal peace becomes world peace. Thus, you can only give what you have. “Blessed are the peacemakers!” As Jesus sent out his disciples to pass on this peace to others, he complained that, “the harvest is rich, but the labourers are few,    (Lk. 10:2), thus indirectly urging all of us to become messengers of peace.  Peace without truth is poison; peace without justice is an illusion. Treat each other with consideration; by eliminating all prejudice and indifference; and by consciously bringing joy and peace through sharing with others what we have and what we are.

The peace and love we preach should reflect in our style of life. That is how to guarantee a place in the kingdom. The harvest is still plenty. Let us continue to pray for labourers, who, by word and example, will build the kingdom of God here on earth.