(Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:37-44)

Today is the first day of the month, first Sunday of the month, first day in Advent season and first Sunday of Advent. As the Church begins her new liturgical year, we are called to see this time as a season of hope and a period during which Christians await and celebrate the fulfilment of the promise of God through his prophets. (1st Candle, is the Candle of hope or prophecy Candle)

Isaiah in the First Reading announced to Israel that God is about to intervene in their history in order to set up a universal kingdom of peace that will encompass not just Israel but all the nations.  On that day, they will say to another: “Come let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord that He may teach is His ways so that we may walk in His path.” Then nations shall not lift up sword against nations, and there will be no need of all quarrels between brothers, sisters, families, and nation; as those things that form the points of our disagreement will become our points of agreement. Then all will rejoice to the house of the Lord, singing “I rejoice when I heard them say, let us go to gods house…” “for the love of my brethren and friends, I say peace upon you; for the love of the house of the Lord, I will ask for your god.”

The second reading introduces another dimension to the preparation for this beautiful season of grace. St. Paul reminds us that the time of sleep is over; and now is the time for all to wake up, a clarion call to be awake and alert. An indication that the night period of our lives as Christians is almost over, we are now approaching the dawn of our Christian existence.  He goes ahead to list some of the activities done at dark, that we must resist and refrain from so as not to frustrate the realisation of the type of peace that Advent comes to bring. Jealousy, hatred, backbiting, promiscuity, discord, imputing of evil motives, etc., these are the vices that could divide us. Are these prevalent among us?

In the gospel, Jesus took the admonition of Paul further, by reminding us his disciples of the need to be vigilance. The need to be active in good works till the Lord comes. And so, for advent to make sense to us however, we must resolve to do some concrete good and refrain from doing evil of any kind. What good we choose to do or evil we choose to avoid is left to us to decide. Just do the needful, God’s grace will see you through.

Remain blessed!

Happy new month!! And Happy Sunday!!!