(Isaiah 7:10-14; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-24)

Is God, a God of troubles or Joy?

Why is it that when He comes into our lives, trouble comes. Christ’s birth was meant to bring joy to Mary and Joseph, but what an agony of mind Joseph had to battle with, when he found his wife pregnant, for which he was not responsible!

This is true also in our lives. Our Christian commitment to God, Church and neighbour at times brings with it arrows of sorrow or even at times outrageous troubles. But one thing I know for sure is that when we are faced with troubles, God comes and is with us. He came to Joseph to assure him saying, “Have no fear about taking Mary as your wife” (Mtt. 1:20). Likewise, when we are in trouble, let us trust that God is closest to us and will bring some good out of our troubles. Often God uses challenges as tools to fashion us for better things, blessings could abide in troubles and challenges. However, what is the essence of worry? Is it not better to pack up your troubles and challenges of life and take them to the Lord.

When God took our nature by becoming man, human nature was raised to a divine dignity. He is a God of presence. “Hence, they shall call him Emmanuel, a name which means, ‘God is with us” (Mtt. 1:23). If we know how to look around for God, we can see him smiling and hear him speaking as often as possible, even in the smallest and most ordinary events of our lives. We can see God’s goodness in the kindness of others and experience his happiness in our own joy and peace. He is there in our illness comforting us. He is in our celebrations like Christmas, bringing families together in love.

God gives salvation to sinners. He gives holiness, grace and peace. He is with us in moments of sorrow, giving solace; in situation of poverty, giving support; in times of worry, giving peace; and moments when your effort and sacrifices are not appreciated by others, giving you strength to continue in good deeds. He is with us to help us survive any setbacks, to encourage us and to strengthen us to endure disappointments of any kind.

God is with us till the end of time!

Happy Sunday!