THEME:  Desire to obey the Word of God

 (1ST, Gen.2:2-7,3:1-7; 2ND, Rom. 5;12-19; GOSPEL, Mt. 4:1-11)

Today in the First Sunday of Lent, the Sunday we learn about temptation.  The reality is that, temptation in one form or another is unavoidable.  Honestly examining our daily experience will reveal many hints of temptation. In every temptation we are called to make a personal decision either for God or against Him. At times, to justify our acts, we claim the right to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong, to draw new boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour, setting aside what God may want of us. However, often at times, the devil can only tempt you through what you desire, not what you don’t know. “The monkey can only be tempted with banana not with brandy”. This calls for watchfulness of our desires.

Temptation is never from God. But God does permit us to be tempted. Not so that we fall, but so that we grow in holiness, and His name glorified. Temptation forces us to rise up and make a choice either for God or for the temptation. Though mercy and forgiveness are always offered when we fail, the blessings that await those who overcome temptation are numerous. Overcoming temptation strengthens us in every virtue.

Friends in Christ let us be focused on the word of God; the wish to obey God’s command is a necessary tool against temptation. The disobedience and fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve, made us “descendant of sinners”- original sin. Let us be concerned of the social implications of our desires and decisions.  To help us to choose God in our decisions, the grace of God is always  available in Christ, for “if by offence of one… all died, much more did the gracious gift of the one man Christ abound for all” (Rom. 5:17).

Lent is the right time to take right decisions, obeying the words of God and turning our hearts to Him. In order to bring the desired changes in our lives during this lent, we are advised to walk to our redemption through prayer, fasting and alms-giving this Lenten season, this forty days. Peace be with you!

Happy Sunday!

Happy birthday to all March born