The coronavirus (COVID-19) presents unprecedented challenge. As a church we are called to be a source of love, peace, hope and stability in uncertain times. We are using new ways to proclaim the gospel, to be community of faith in the midst of fear, confusion and inconveniences. Private celebration of the Holy Eucharist on daily basis, praying for you and our intentions, and one hour devotion/adoration every Friday; this is live streamed on facebook for us to join as a Parish Community praying together. Weekend Masses will continue to be live on facebook at our usual times for Mass. Homilies, Parish News, Prayer points and biblical passages, will from time to time be uploaded on our website and facebook page. Let us continue to be spiritually connected, as we observe physical distancing, please practice social connection as well.

At this time of global pandemic, many are experiencing stress; many are struggling with financial anxiety and Our Parish community is no exception. This raises a very real need and serious challenge to our Parish. Several Parishioners have been asking what can be done during this indeterminate amount of time that churches can’t safely gather physically.

As we continue to gather spiritually as a faithful community to minister, worship and pray together, thanks to technology. We have three suggestions for ways that you can still give your Parish collection/donation please.


1. Online Interac e-transfer – direct deposit

Contact name: Mother of Mercy


Message: Add your name

2. Mail: mail your envelopes or cheque, cheques payable to


60 Perkins Way,

Florecenville-Bristol, NB

E7L 3H9.

3. Drop off: There will be a secure basket/box in front of the Parish Office. Please drop in safely!

Office hours: Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 2pm

St. Leo the Great Church, 60 Perkins Way, Florenceville-Bristol.


Please you can choose to do any of this weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Join your Parish envelopes into a mailing envelope and send.

We are working out procedures for pre-authorized deposit, and not yet available for use. In the meantime, one could make use of Interac E-transfer direct deposit. You can as well approach a bank officer of your branch to set up the electronic deposit, otherwise Interac E- transfer

Please specify if any special donation (i.e. Building Fund, Cemetery Fund, Intention, etc.). Parishioners, please indicate your envelope number depending on the method or choice of sending,

Thanks very much for your continual generosity and sacrifices. Praying for all!

Rev. Anthony Ekpe SMMM