(Acts 10:34, 37-43; Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-9)

The resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ from death was a reality. This was the defining moment of Christianity. He conquered death and gave us the chance to live again in grace.  (1 Cor. 15:14), tells us that if Jesus Christ had not risen from the dead, our faith would have been useless and baseless.

A certain kindergarten teacher was telling her students the story of Jesus. In her class was a little boy who came from a non-Christian family. He was paying very close attention to the story because it was all new to him. As the teacher told how Jesus was condemned and nailed to the cross to die, the boy’s countenance fell and he murmured, “No! That’s too bad! The teacher then went on to tell how on the third day Jesus rose from the dead and came back to life. The boy with delight exclaimed, “Totally awesome!”

Dear sisters and brothers, is the Good News of Easter not awesome? Today we can again sing “Alleuiah” that we have not sung all through Lent. “This is the day the Lord has alleluia; let us rejoice and be glad” (Psalm 118:24). We rejoice because our faith in Christ has been vindicated. We rejoice because truth has triumphed over falsity, justice over injustice, and darkness has turned into light.

After the wise men of the world put Jesus to death, because the rejected his way, God raised Jesus to a new life, therefore demonstrating that the way of Jesus is the true way of life.  What was the way of Jesus? He was against the social trends of his times; he cured the sick, helped the needy, praised and blessed those who were not regarded worthy in the society, he sided with the poor.  Easter offers us a true way of life with the assurance of the resurrection of the body after we are dead. It also offers us the hope of new life here and now. We are called to rise with him unto grace. There is no salvation in the grave of sin but in Christ alone. How do we bear witness to this life-saving event? Mary Magdalene, the Apostles and saints witnessed by their words and actions. We are called to imitate them. Proclaim the resurrection of Christ, the Good News, by way of a new life.

Today we continue to proclaim with the apostles that Jesus has risen and goes ahead of us to Galilee, the place of encounter. He goes ahead of us as our victorious leader and king.
As Christians, we are all partakers in the victory of Jesus; for we are nothing without the resurrection of Jesus. Our faith would have been meaningless if Jesus had not risen from the dead. We believe and profess the resurrection of Jesus and this faith accompanies us in our daily life. This faith helps us to overcome times of uncertainty in our life and enables us to be there for others who experience different problems in life.

May our faith in the resurrected Jesus Christ keep us safe throughout this time of global pandemic, Amen.