There are many points for reflection on the Ascension. But I wish to reflect on the rhetorical question of the men in white robes: MEN OF GALILEE, WHY DO YOU STAND LOOKING AT THE SKY? I see it as a critic of speculative Christianity. Standing and looking into the sky is a sign of idleness and speculation. It featured so much among early Christians who expected the 2nd coming of Jesus (Parousia) to be almost immediately. Some abandoned their legitimate business and activities to wait for the Parousia. This means standing and looking into the sky. To be a Christian does not mean idleness, passivity or disincarnate speculation.  A Christian life is an active life.

Yes, heaven is our destination but we need to live in the world first. Being in the world, we need to get involved in the legitimate activities of the world. You cannot better the world by standing and looking into the sky. Do something meaningful. Jesus told his disciples to preach the Gospel to the whole world. That cannot be achieved by standing and looking into the sky. We have to be engaged in reasonable action. If you look into the sky you will not see Jesus. Jesus can be found in the Holy Eucharist for he asked us to celebrate it in his memory. Jesus can be found in the church, the community of believers for where 2 or 3 gather in his name, he is there. So you can find him in the fellowship of believers. Jesus can be found among the poor, oppressed, victims of natural disasters, motherless, fatherless, friendless, etc. because according to him, whatever you do for the least of his brothers and sisters that you have done to him. That is why he assures us that he is with us to the end of time. Seek him where he is to be found, but certainly not in the sky. 
If we hope to share in the glory of the Ascension of Jesus, let us embrace the legitimate activities of the world. He will come back the way he has gone. When he comes may he not find us looking into the sky. May he find us active in good works. May he find us making disciples of all nations, through the word we speak and the way we live. If you are a speculative Christian, stop speculation and engage yourself. Jesus does not want us to be idle. He wants us to be involved in the improvement of the world; lets us make the world a better place starting from our homes.

Happy Ascension Day!

Happy Sunday!