THEME: LORD SEND US YOUR SPIRIT! (Acts 2:1-11; 1 Cor. 12:3-7,12-13; Jn. 20:19-23)

Pentecost is an important celebration in the church. Theologically, it is the celebration of the mystery of the Holy Spirit, the 3rd person of the Blessed Trinity. Historically, it recalls the beginning of the church. Liturgically, it signals the end of the Easter season. That’s to say there are many angles from which one can look at the Pentecost day.


  1. Wisdom, ii. Understanding, iii. Right Judgment, iv. Courage,

v. Knowledge, vi Reverence (Piety), vii. Wonder (fear of the Lord)


            Charity                        kindness          faithfulness     joy       goodness         modesty

            Peace              generosity       self-control      patience          gentleness       chastity           

As we live and breathe, the Holy Spirit is so elusive like the wind and so invisible like the breath.  Pentecost is a difficult celebration. Because once the Spirit enters into a person, he takes complete possession of that person; he demands surrendering of oneself; he urges that person to live according to his inspiration. Whatever or Whoever the Spirit encounters, he effects something new; no one receives the Spirit and remains the same.

As the Spirit descended upon the Apostles, they felt something new. Some like Stephen went stood to defend their faith, to die for God; some like St. Paul took a complete turnabout with their lives; some like St. Peter did astonishing miracles; some like Philip obtained astonishing conversions; all of them were no longer afraid to face the world. Lord send us your Spirit in form of a gentle breath, to speak up in the faces of injustice and hatred. May the Spirit of make us strong in our faith; as fire makes a piece of iron soft, so may your Spirit make our iron will of stubbornness into one of docility and humility. May your Spirit give us a soft heart and take away our strong egos.

When the disciples received the Spirit, they spoke in foreign tongues, yet each nationality present understood them in their own languages. Through the Spirit, may we become one family; where your Spirit exists, there is no pride or arrogance. The Spirit comes to restore common understanding and to build a united community. Through the Spirit in us, may we be able to speak the language of love, the only language which can be understood by all, uniting is into one family.