(Revelation 7:2-4.9-14; 1 John 3:1-3; Matthew 5:1-12)

The first reading reveals the beatific vision which the Saints who have washed their garments by the Blood of the Lamb enjoy. It suggests that where the saints whom St. John saw in his apocalypse are, we too may be.

In the second reading, St. John admonishes that based on our hope in the Lord Jesus, we should purify ourselves for the eternal journey. He maintains that although what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed, “all we know is, that when it is revealed, we shall be like him because we shall see him as he really is.”

In the gospel, Jesus presents the blueprint for candidates of heaven. By listing the Beatitudes, Jesus presents to us the Militant Church (or Pilgrim church) with the demands of the kingdom namely being the poor in spirit, gentle, anxious for what is right, merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers and accepting persecution for the cause of right.

The beatitudes remind us that heaven is our destination and they challenge the kind of life we live here on earth. Living out the beatitudes guarantees sainthood. It is an invitation to humility and simplicity of life.

A Saint is viewed as someone who did ordinary things in an extraordinary way. A Saint is not an extraordinary human being. The saints with whom we rejoice this day were human beings men and women like us. They are people who became friends of God. Where we are today, they were. Where they are today, we hope to be. We can realize this hope by living a life that is worthy of our calling. Saints are people who underwent the struggles of this earthly life and pleased God. They were normal human beings who struggled with their weaknesses, were enthusiastic about God and appropriated divine graces.

The Saints play an intercessory role for us. Just like you can ask a fellow human being to pray for you (Heb. 13:18 & Eph. 6:18-19), so too the Church invokes the saints to intercede on our behalf because they are before God. We ask for the intercession of the saints especially Mary, the Queen of all saints.

Be a saint by being a good person. Who is your Patron Saint? Ask for his or her intercession today and make effort to follow his or her example.