(Proverbs 31:10-13, 19-20,30-31;  1Thessoloninas 5:1-6; Mathew t.25:14-30)

In the Gospel reading of this Sunday, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS.

In this parable a man summons his servants before he travels abroad and entrusted them with some talents for them to trade with. To one he gave five, to another three, and to the other one. They were given the talents IN PROPORTION TO THEIR ABILITY. All but one traded with their talents and made profits. The one who received one talent just buried it in the ground grumbling that his master was a hard and demanding man.

We all have so many fine qualities of mind, soul and body, given freely to us by God; they are like the talents handed by the master to his servants in the parable (Mt. 25:15) before he left on his trip.  God expects us to develop our talents and gifts. He expects us to put them to maximum use for God and for humanity, like the woman in the Proverbs. She is praised, because with her gifts she brought her  husband happiness day by day, made clothes for her children and reached out her hand to the poor (Prov. 31:10-31).

The Lord entrusts to each of us with diverse gifts and graces and He also gives us the freedom to use them as we think best BUT NEVER TO REMAIN IDLE OR TO BURY THEM in the ground as the grumbling servant did; use your gifts or you lose it.

The servants were given the talents IN PROPORTION TO THEIR ABILITIES; which means that their master knows the capabilities of each of his servants before he shares the talents to them. This is much more the way God deals with us in his infinite wisdom and love. But very often we brood grudges and jealousy over some people whom we feel are better and more gifted than we are. In this misconception we fail to recognize and put into proper use our own giftedness and talents, thereby allowing our talents to remain buried in the ground unused and wasting.

The fact that someone else has five talents doesn’t mean that, my one talent is nothing and useless. That the other person is a good speaker and you are a good singer or sprinter doesn’t mean that you are less gifted. We all should know that God doesn’t make mistakes in the distribution of his gifts or talents. He gives variety of gifts and talents to different people only for one single purpose, that we use them in the proportion we receive, to serve God among his people in love.

We should not compare our gifts with others enviously, thus limiting ourselves to merger tasks. Just think of the variety of gifts God has given to every human being. The gift of love, light, justice, service, beautification, truth, time, the gifts of money, more or less, etc. The Lord who is the source of all gifts will return to ask for an account. If we fail or neglect our opportunities to plant and nurture the Christian seeds, we will lose not only the opportunities but also our talents. May God give us all the grace and strength to make maximum use of our talents and gifts.